About The Designer

Trudy’s creative talents were evident at an early age, when, at 2, she painted her first original piece of art on her parents living room carpet . . . in lipstick!

Driven by her love of art, Trudy continued her creative studies in high school and college, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art from the California State University at Long Beach.

Trudy’s love of jewelry design began in high school when classes in goldsmithing piqued her interest. Today she combines the techniques she learned in these classes with a wide variety of high quality and unique materials from around the world.

The shapes, colors, details and asymmetrical balance found in nature serve as Trudy’s design inspiration. Although her designs may start out with a specific idea, her finished jewelry pieces are never a forced effort. The creative process evolves organically allowing for changes in direction along the way.

Since 2002, when Trudy James Unique Handcrafted Jewelry was founded, the artist has designed and created each piece of jewelry by hand in her San Diego area studio. Because of their handcrafted nature, each design is one-of-a-kind. Special attention is given to details and craftsmanship. Quality is guaranteed. In a world where, more and more, items are mass produced, Trudy’s commitment to providing unique and artistic jewelry designs has set her apart from the mainstream. Her design sensibilities guide her in creating jewelry that not only compliments the current trends in fashion, but stand the test of time. The women who wear her jewelry are those who seek to express their individual sense of style.

Trudy’s jewelry designs have been well received and are featured in a number of select boutiques. Her creative flair, quality craftsmanship and integrity have kept her clients coming back again and again.

About Our Jewelry

All of our jewelry is individually handcrafted using semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, crystals, shells and other interesting materials from around the world. Our most recent addition is the use of beach glass. Also known as sea glass, we recycle and repurpose what was once considered trash into beautiful jewelry. All of the beach glass we use is naturally tumbled by sand and sea, and comes from beaches all over the world including our home state of California.

We combine the above materials with sterling silver, fine silver, 14K gold, 14K gold-fill and other metals using metalsmithing, wire wrapping, and traditional beading techniques.